At Dominion, we're more than just foundry tooling.  We can help you every step of the way from idea to finished castings.

Reverse Engineering

Have an existing part you want to use as a starting point?  Send it to us and we'll measure it up for drawings.  Laser scanning is available for complex geometries - we have a Romer Absolute arm.  We can also take moulds off of existing castings.

Casting Design

We can generate models from your existing drawings, or make new models and drawings from scratch.  Our designers understand casting limitations and common pitfalls.  Our involvement early on in the process saves time and money down the road.  Most in-house design is done in Inventor, but MasterCAM and others are available

Pattern Production

We offer a range of materials and manufacturing options to best suit your needs.  Tooling can be CNC cut or made by hand.  We have rapid prototyping options.  We can supply aluminum matchplates.  Patterns can be supplied in Styrofoam, urethane, or a range of woods.  Tooling can be in boxes or mounted on insert boards.  We supply all gating and risering.

Casting Sourcing

Want options for getting your castings produced?  We have excellent working relationships with over 40 active foundries in Canada, the United States and Europe.  We can help determine the best casting method for your product and price out multiple options for you.

Casting Validation

We can design and manufacture gauges to check critical features on your parts.  We can validate your parts through visual inspection, dimensional reporting, X-ray, tensile testing, hardness testing, Charpy impact, ultrasonic testing, and more.  Let us know what you require and we will ensure conformance.

Pattern Storage

We have over 3000 sq. ft of dry, alarm protected, storage space to protect your patterns and coreboxes from loss, damage, or risk.  We provide inventory management for several customers, ensuring that the status and location of their tooling investment is never at risk to loss, water damage, pirating, vandalism, copying, or any other peril.

Miltronics BR5100 CNC (5)

Creative Solutions

Over the years, our large industrial customers have challenged us to solve varied manufacturing problems.  The unique set of knowledge, skills and attitude that are required in a successful pattern shop are often the key to developing creative solutions, not just in the metalcasting industry, but in many other enterprises as well. We enjoy a challenge and will do our best to work with our customers to master it.


We are often asked to find ways to minimize casting defects. We offer consulting services to help you resolve any issues you may be having.  Dominion personnel can travel to your source foundry and work to find solutions.


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